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What Is The Difference Between An Input And Output Device?

Input as well as the output devices are components of the computer hardware. The input device is a kind of component being used in order to feed the information into the computer. This is where the output device provides the processed information back into the user. The most common input devices are mouse, keyboard, webcam, scanner, joystick and microphone. The output devices usually include the speaker, the printer and the monitor.

On the other hand, in terms of computing, the input devices are being used prior to the output devices. The user will then use the keyboard and mouse in order to type in and then navigate into the video up on the internet. The processor also processes the information and simply plays the video back as the moving images on the screen as well as the accompanying audio right from the speakers. Moreover, the data output could be of two types. Hen the monitor shows off an open document, it is a soft copy, since the image could be replaced by just closing the window. Whenever the printer prints out the document, it is somewhat known as the hard copy, as the printed detail is somewhat permanent and could not be replaced.

How do I password Protect My Files and Folders in Windows?

Protecting your files and folders in Windows is important. Your computer is a precious thing and it serves as your friend wherein you keep up your important files and folders. You don’t want anyone to just invade your privacy, yet you cannot keep it that way if you are not password protected.

So, in order for you to restrict an access to your essential files as well as folders, password protecting them is important. The only thing is that, you must always save your file that contains passwords in use, for instant, in the excel sheet. This way, you would not be able to forget them. Moreover, it would be best for you to make your backup of the files as well as folders into the single password protected external drive. This way, they would never be lost in case of corruption in the system or viral infection. So, here’s how you can password protect your files and folders in Windows:

• Go to the folder you wish to protect with a password and choose the option “Properties”.
• Choose the tab “Sharing” and click the box labeled as “Make this folder private”.
• Save the changes by ticking “Apply” and “Ok”.

Doing this could help you find the best protection for your files.

How To Restore Windows 7 To Factory Settings?

Most of the computers from the PC dealers simply come up with the pre-configured factory settings that are essential to the operation of the computer. With most of the laptops, this thing is true, since they have the special function buttons as well as touch screen computers that need special drivers in order to get a function. Certainly, the computer from the factory also has their default settings and doesn’t really feature any of the customizations that you want to make. Simply try to treat your restoration to factory settings the same as you would do the complete reformat of your hard drive. Simply assume the entire data would be lost and then back up all of the important information to the external hard drive.

Do not bother trying to back up the programs that you could reinstall, yet make it sure that you back up everything that you don’t already have any copy of. Moreover, just make it sure that you get a back up of your browser information. The assessment website of the internet browser that you use have to give out the instructions on how you should back up the browser that you have. If you do not do this thing, you will definitely lose the crucial information that you have just like your saved passwords as well as bookmarks.