What is TCP/IP?

Do you always find yourself searching on the internet. It is actually amazing thinking about the way on how the internet really works. It simply feels like magic the way in which a person could connect to the internet, make their researches, watch out for videos and more. How can this be a thing possible? Well, thanks to the TCP/IP or the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

The TCP/IP have been developed in the year 1978, which has been also driven by Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf. These days, the TCP/IP is also a useful kind of language that governs the communications among the entire computers that are also on the Internet. On the other hand, the TCP/IP is a separate kind of protocols, though they are being used together. The standard of Internet Protocol simply dictates the way on how packets of the information are being set out for over the networks. The internet protocol has its packet-addressing method that mainly lets any sort of computer on the Internet and forward a packet into another computer which is mainly a step or something that is closer into the recipient of the packet.

Moreover, the TCP also makes it sure that the data transmission is also reliable around the networks connected to the Internet.

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