What is a Protocol?

Simply imagine the number of people who are communicating across the world. They are using up various languages and different machines and even uses up different software in order to transmit data. If there are no standards, communication around the world would never be possible. Well, one of the tools being used for transmitting data is the protocol? So, what is the protocol? It is actually used for the reliable transmission of data for every the network. The HTTP or the HyperText Transfer Protocol being used for transmitting as well as displaying the information in the form of web pages across the browsers on the internet.

On the other hand, there are three kinds of Protocol, here are those:

• TCP- known as the Transmission Control Protocol that uses a good set of rules in order to exchange the messages with any other internet points at the packet level of information.
• IP- known as Internet Protocol that uses a good set of rules in order to send and receive messages at the address level of the internet.
• FTP or HTTP- stands for File Transfer Protocol or Hypertext Transfer Protocol that has their own defined set of rules to use with the corresponding programs anywhere else on the net.

Knowing the different types of protocol could help you understand about on how they are being used.

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