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How TCP/IP Protocol Works?

The TCP/IP is one of the highly used network protocols, these days. However, do you have any idea about what network protocol really is? Well, protocol is like a language being used to make two computers talk to each other. Just like in the real world, if ever they don’t talk the same language, they are not able to communicate.

On the other hand, the TCP/IP is not actually a protocol, yet it is a set of protocol. It is actually known as the Protocol stack, as what it has been commonly known. For instance, it already refers to two variable protocols, the TCP an the IP. Moreover, on the internet layer, you have the Internet Protocol or the IP that gets the packets being received from the Transport Layer and add up virtual address information, just like adding the computer address that is sending the data and the address of the computer that will then receive the data. All of these virtual addresses are known as the IP Addresses. After then, the packet will be sent into the lower layer, called as the Network Interface. With this layer, the packets will be known as the datagrams. The packets that are also transmitted over the network are then known as the frames.

What Is The Difference Between An Input And Output Device?

Input as well as the output devices are components of the computer hardware. The input device is a kind of component being used in order to feed the information into the computer. This is where the output device provides the processed information back into the user. The most common input devices are mouse, keyboard, webcam, scanner, joystick and microphone. The output devices usually include the speaker, the printer and the monitor.

On the other hand, in terms of computing, the input devices are being used prior to the output devices. The user will then use the keyboard and mouse in order to type in and then navigate into the video up on the internet. The processor also processes the information and simply plays the video back as the moving images on the screen as well as the accompanying audio right from the speakers. Moreover, the data output could be of two types. Hen the monitor shows off an open document, it is a soft copy, since the image could be replaced by just closing the window. Whenever the printer prints out the document, it is somewhat known as the hard copy, as the printed detail is somewhat permanent and could not be replaced.

How do I password Protect My Files and Folders in Windows?

Protecting your files and folders in Windows is important. Your computer is a precious thing and it serves as your friend wherein you keep up your important files and folders. You don’t want anyone to just invade your privacy, yet you cannot keep it that way if you are not password protected.

So, in order for you to restrict an access to your essential files as well as folders, password protecting them is important. The only thing is that, you must always save your file that contains passwords in use, for instant, in the excel sheet. This way, you would not be able to forget them. Moreover, it would be best for you to make your backup of the files as well as folders into the single password protected external drive. This way, they would never be lost in case of corruption in the system or viral infection. So, here’s how you can password protect your files and folders in Windows:

• Go to the folder you wish to protect with a password and choose the option “Properties”.
• Choose the tab “Sharing” and click the box labeled as “Make this folder private”.
• Save the changes by ticking “Apply” and “Ok”.

Doing this could help you find the best protection for your files.

How To Restore Windows 7 To Factory Settings?

Most of the computers from the PC dealers simply come up with the pre-configured factory settings that are essential to the operation of the computer. With most of the laptops, this thing is true, since they have the special function buttons as well as touch screen computers that need special drivers in order to get a function. Certainly, the computer from the factory also has their default settings and doesn’t really feature any of the customizations that you want to make. Simply try to treat your restoration to factory settings the same as you would do the complete reformat of your hard drive. Simply assume the entire data would be lost and then back up all of the important information to the external hard drive.

Do not bother trying to back up the programs that you could reinstall, yet make it sure that you back up everything that you don’t already have any copy of. Moreover, just make it sure that you get a back up of your browser information. The assessment website of the internet browser that you use have to give out the instructions on how you should back up the browser that you have. If you do not do this thing, you will definitely lose the crucial information that you have just like your saved passwords as well as bookmarks.

What Is UML? What Is An Event In UML?

The Unified Modeling Language or the UML is a fast kind of skill when it comes to virtually anyone who is involved in the project of software. The requirements analysts, architects, software developers, database professionals, UI designers, project managers as well as designers are definitely asked to consume and create specifications that are written in the UML.

On the other hand, the UML for the Managers is definitely a 6-part kind of ebook explaining what UML really is and what it could be used for in both business change as well as software development projects. Thus, it explains clearly the concepts just like the enterprise, business modelling, architecture as well as object oriented analysis as well as the design without bogging down the reader in a certain kind of technical detail in which a programmer could only understand.

Moreover, it also shows you the possible upcoming of modeling, wherein the whole application could be made from those of the high-level UML models and highlights the best practices or adopting the UML into your business or organization. Interns of event in the UML, it is a distinguished incidence at a certain time. At some point, events could, yet they do not essentially cause state evolutions for a certain state to another state machine being represented by the machine diagrams.

What Are Class, Object and Use Case Diagram

In the software manufacturing, the class diagram in the UML or the Unified Modeling Language is a kind of inert arrangement diagram describing the structure of the system by mainly showing the classes of the system, its methods or operations, the attributes as well as the relationship it has among any other classes.

The Object Diagram is being derived from the class diagram, they they are dependent upon the class diagrams. Object diagram mainly represents a good instance of a class diagram. The basic concept is somewhat similar to the class as well as object diagrams. The basic concepts are somewhat similar to the class as well as object diagrams. These object diagrams mainly represent the static view of the system, yet this static view is also the snapshot of the system at a certain moment.

On the other hand, the Use Case Diagram is a graphical representation of the interaction of the user within the system and depicting the specifications of the use case. The use case diagram could actually portray various kinds of users of the system and different ways in which they are interacting with the system. This diagram is being used in combination with the textual use case and would be somewhat accompanied by any other kinds of diagrams.

What Is A Bridge?

Well, it is not for industrial matters, as it is more of a computer related tool. A bridge is a sort of device separating two or more network segments within a certain logical network. Usually, a bridge is being placed in between two separate groups of computers talking with each other, yet not that much with those of the computers in any other group. A good instance of this is to mainly consider a good cluster of Mac and Unix machines.

These groups of machines would tend to be somewhat chatty among itself and the traffic that they are producing on the network mainly roots impacts of the other technologies who are also trying to speak up to one another. The main task of a bridge is that, it examines the endpoint of the data packets at a time and mainly decide whether or not they could pass down the packets into the other side of the Ethernet segment. Thus, the result is somewhat faster and much quitter network without too much of collisions.

Keep in mind that it is essential to understand the bridge could be somewhat a firewall or a router. In a much simpler tern, a bridge mainly behaves just like a network switch, making it a transparent network component.

What is Normalization? What are 2NF, 3NF and 4NF?

It is a system in the form of a collection of data arranged that divides the information into a variety of tables which are then joined by a specific potion or class of the area. In a seemly standardized collection of data arranged, the single area will contain one part of information only, removing the capabilities for incompatible evaluates for the similar part or a portion of the information. For instance, rather than preserving the user’s identification and residential details in every line of the table of records. The data related to the clients and customers is usually preserved in the form of a table precisely, so there is only a single origin of this type of information.

The association of the collection of data has produced a sequence of the set of rules in order to assure that the collection of data is standardized. These are described as the standard forms or figures that are counted from number one to five. The 2NF is a type of form that focuses on the idea of erasing the identical information. It encounters all the necessities of the first figure of normalization. The 3NF jumps to another extent in moving ahead. It erases the items that are not subordinated on the basic principal. Similarly, 4NF has one extra prerequisite. It does not contain multivalent needs or reliance.

What is UML? What is an event in UML?

UML is based on machine diagrams, describing how the system works. Basically, UML diagrams are based on behavior and state. There are objects that are responsible of some simple processes and objects that would conduct things that are more complicated. Developers might have difficulties in understanding those concepts, and this is why the particularities of the systems must be established.

The states and behaviors of UML might be described with the help of those objects. All the actions of UML can be represented with simple of complex diagrams. A state is the first stage of the pattern, which determines the behavior of an object. In the fist stage, the object is created, and the final stage is considered the one in which there are no transitions left. This type of method used to represent the behavior of programming objects has been called UML.

The circles of diagrams represent the initial state as a closed circle, and in the final state, the object is represented as a bordered circle. Inside the borders, all the transitions of the object are represented using specific figures. This type of representation is great to understand the evolution of objects for programming, being the perquisite of artificial intelligence learning.