What is an IP?

Have you always connected your net accessible gadgets to the internet? You must have heard IP and already know that it means Internet Protocol. However, do you really have any idea about what it really is? IP is the primary protocol of the network being used online. It has been developed in the year 1970. IP also supports the unique addressing for the computers on a certain network. Most of these networks are using Internet Protocol in version 4 with the standard featuring the addresses that are about 16 bytes in length.

The data on the Internet Protocol network is being organized into the packets. Every IP Packet mainly includes both of the header which is used for specifying the destination, source and any other information regarding the data as well as the data of the message itself. Moreover, the IP simply functions of the third layer of the OSI Model. Thus, it could run on the top of various interfaces of data including WI-Fi and Ethernet. It only means that Internet Protocol is one of the essential matters when it comes to connecting to the internet. Moreover, upon the internet and any other networks, Internet Protocol is frequently used together with the TCP or the Transport Control Protocol and known together as TCP/IP.

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