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What is a Structure Chart?

Structure Chart
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As the business grows in sizes and it also grows in great complexity, most especially when it comes to the organization and the kinds of projects that they undertakes. This increasing complexity simply makes it more difficult to convey the organizational structure of the business and also to manage the elements of the project. The three-stage project that a person could perform simply gives out an essentially different managing challenge than the five-stage project calling out for about 10 employees. The structure charts simply give out a simple and visual solution for this kind of problems.

Right at its core, the persistence of the structure chart is by giving out a basic, graphical picture of a much more complex society or process as well. For instance, in the industry of construction, the structural chart could actually outline how the general manager as well as the director have indirect or direct contact with both of the design departments and engineering, yet the two departments would actually remain to be effectively isolated from each other. This kind of graphical representations would let the viewer to just grasp the basic relationships in between the parts of the company or even with the process without being bogged down in the details.

What Is Data Dictionary?

Do you know what data dictionary is? Well, it is a file defining the basic organization of the database. A data dictionary mainly contains a good list of entire files in the database alone. The number of records on every file as well as the types and the name of every field. Most of the database management systems mainly keep up the data dictionary being hidden from the users in order to prevent it from destroying the entire contents in an accidental manner.

At some point, the database applications could be easily done in a simpler way if you only uphold a body of data reciting your tables. Each of the single programming tasks in the database application has to know something regarding the tables in which it is working with. Thus, every program in the framework and other programs in the application alone could actually benefit from the central information store regarding the database.

Moreover, the term data dictionary is being used by many people. This way, they could denote the separate set of the tables describing the application tables. The data dictionary containing all of this information as the types, column names as well as sizes, yet descriptive information just like the foreign keys, primary keys, titles and the captions for the user interface regarding how to display the field.

What Are Generalization and Association

Do you know what the generalization and the association are? Well, these terms mainly signify the relationships in between the classes. These are mainly the building blocks of the object oriented programing and a basic material. However, for some, such terms would look like the Greek and the Latin. On the other hand, for you to understand Association as well as Generalization, here are those:


The association is a kind of relationship in between two different objects. In a simple word, the association mainly defined the multiplicity in between the two objects. You could be aware about the one to one, the one to many and, the many to one and the many to many, as it helps in defining the association in between the objects. The aggregation is also a special form of association. The composition is also a special form of aggregation. Thus, they simply correlate with each other.


Generalization mainly uses the “Is-A” relationship from the specialization to the class of generalization. The common structure as well as the behavior are being used from the specialization up to the generalized class. At a wider level, you could understand this thing as an inheritance. So, why inheritance, well, this is for the reason that you could relate this term very much.

What is The Serialization?

The procedure of converting the set of object instances containing the references to each to other linear stream of bytes that could be sent throughout the socket, being stored to a certain file or manipulated as the data stream is being known as the Serialization.

The serialization is actually the mechanism being used by the RMI to pass out objects in between the JVMs, either as the arguments in the invocation of the method right from the client into a certain server or as the return values from the invocation of the method. In the primary section of such book, it would be referred to such procedure several times, yet being behind a thorough discussion until today. At this moment, they would then drill down upon the mechanism serialization, by the end of it, you would exactly understand how the serialization actually works and how to efficiently use it within your applications.

On the other hand, the original design of the web, with its connections that are stateless, they mainly serve as a good type of example of the distributed application that could definitely tolerate almost any sort of transient failure of the network. The serialization is the mechanism being built upon the core of the Java libraries for writing a certain group of the objects into the data stream.

What is Piggybacking?

It is an expression that recommends to approach an interconnected system of networks that have no wires by persuading the personal computer enclosed by the distance of some other’s connection that does not contain wires and to avail that facility without even the consent or allowance of the customer. It is a lawfully as well as morally a disputatious system or work, together with the rules that deviate in range and authority all over the universe. Whereas it is considered as entirely illegitimate in some areas and allowed in various regions.

The process of retrieving unbarred connection that does not have wires is very easy. The user and clients of a selling area that supplies a lively entertaining spot, just like a café or any motel, it is not usually taken as a piggybacking; although the ones who are not the clients or those who are not inside the building might be included under the act of piggy backing. All these kinds of places supply the internet facilities as an indulgence towards their customers. In order to defend your internet system from piggybacking, make sure that the encoding is activated for your device.