What Is Data Dictionary?

Do you know what data dictionary is? Well, it is a file defining the basic organization of the database. A data dictionary mainly contains a good list of entire files in the database alone. The number of records on every file as well as the types and the name of every field. Most of the database management systems mainly keep up the data dictionary being hidden from the users in order to prevent it from destroying the entire contents in an accidental manner.

At some point, the database applications could be easily done in a simpler way if you only uphold a body of data reciting your tables. Each of the single programming tasks in the database application has to know something regarding the tables in which it is working with. Thus, every program in the framework and other programs in the application alone could actually benefit from the central information store regarding the database.

Moreover, the term data dictionary is being used by many people. This way, they could denote the separate set of the tables describing the application tables. The data dictionary containing all of this information as the types, column names as well as sizes, yet descriptive information just like the foreign keys, primary keys, titles and the captions for the user interface regarding how to display the field.

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