What Are Generalization and Association

Do you know what the generalization and the association are? Well, these terms mainly signify the relationships in between the classes. These are mainly the building blocks of the object oriented programing and a basic material. However, for some, such terms would look like the Greek and the Latin. On the other hand, for you to understand Association as well as Generalization, here are those:


The association is a kind of relationship in between two different objects. In a simple word, the association mainly defined the multiplicity in between the two objects. You could be aware about the one to one, the one to many and, the many to one and the many to many, as it helps in defining the association in between the objects. The aggregation is also a special form of association. The composition is also a special form of aggregation. Thus, they simply correlate with each other.


Generalization mainly uses the “Is-A” relationship from the specialization to the class of generalization. The common structure as well as the behavior are being used from the specialization up to the generalized class. At a wider level, you could understand this thing as an inheritance. So, why inheritance, well, this is for the reason that you could relate this term very much.

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