What is UML? What is an event in UML?

UML is based on machine diagrams, describing how the system works. Basically, UML diagrams are based on behavior and state. There are objects that are responsible of some simple processes and objects that would conduct things that are more complicated. Developers might have difficulties in understanding those concepts, and this is why the particularities of the systems must be established.

The states and behaviors of UML might be described with the help of those objects. All the actions of UML can be represented with simple of complex diagrams. A state is the first stage of the pattern, which determines the behavior of an object. In the fist stage, the object is created, and the final stage is considered the one in which there are no transitions left. This type of method used to represent the behavior of programming objects has been called UML.

The circles of diagrams represent the initial state as a closed circle, and in the final state, the object is represented as a bordered circle. Inside the borders, all the transitions of the object are represented using specific figures. This type of representation is great to understand the evolution of objects for programming, being the perquisite of artificial intelligence learning.

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