What is a Master Page?

When using ASP.NET in developing a website, the master page is a feature enabling the developer to define the common structure as well as internet markup elements for your website. It actually includes footers, headers, style definitions or even navigation bars. The master page could be shared up by any pages into your website and these are known as the content pages. The only thing is that, it will have the need to remove the duplicate code for the shared elements that are into your website.

Moreover, the master page is a very useful kind of mechanism in the ASP.NET in order to make a uniform layout for the entire pages. It could simply contain about one or more placeholders where the actual content is being restored. The master page will always be the same and it will provide a good kind of scaffolding for the entire pages that you have. For the reason that the master page is always similar, it mainly defines the feel and the look of the entire pages upon your website. The rest is being saved into the content placeholders that would merge the master pages and the entire page. This is simply how master pages work on a developer’s point of view.

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