What is a Splash Page?

Do you know what a splash page is? Well, it is the website page in which the user sees right before getting into the option of continuing into the main content of the website. A splash page is being used to promote a certain company, product or services or being used to inform all of the users about the kind of browser or software needed in order to see the entire pages of the website. Some of the splash pages would actually bring up the user into the main website in an automatic way and some would need the user to click up on the link that would surely load the main page. Some of the advantages of splash pages are:

• Loads fast and they get the entire information in a faster way even without the need to scroll.
• The splash pages make it sure that all of your readers would be able to see your flash or animation even once.
• Splash pages are a good way in showing off your work just like how portfolio does it.
• Splash pages would let your readers to choose the website technology that fits into them.

Splash pages is a good thing that you could have for your website, not to mention that it could also be created by you.

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