What Is Expert System?

The Expert System is a kind of computer program simulating the behavior as well as the judgement of the human or the organization with expert experience as well as knowledge in a certain field. Usually, this kind of system mainly contains a good knowledge base with all of the accumulated experience and also a set of rules to be used when applying the base of the knowledge to every situation being described in the program. The sophisticated expert systems could be easily enhanced with the additions to the base of the knowledge or even to the set of the rules.

On the other hand, while any other conventional programming language could be used in order to build up a base of knowledge, the shell of the expert system will simplify the procedure of creating a good knowledge base. Actually, it is the shell that processes the entire information entered by the user. They will then relate it to the concepts being contained in the knowledge base providing great assessment or solution for certain problems. So, the shell of the expert system gives a good layer in between the user interface as well as computer operating system in order to manage both of the input and output of the data.

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